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Aminopeptides are active ingredients which are indicated for younger looking skin. Biochemical processes take part in modifying the skin’s structure in polyfunctional groups which are present in the amino acids and natural peptides. The addition of antioxidants, such as Vitamin C, strengthens and prolongs a semi-botulinic effect, maintaining a high production of neo-synthesized collagen through the activation of specific biochemical processes.


Hyaluronic Acid is a glycosaminoglycan. It is found in the extra-cellular matrix of the connective tissue and is present in the derma. It blocks toxins, giving the skin a turgid and well hydrated appearance. It carries out a hygroscopic action. With the passing of time the concentration of Hyaluronic acid present in the derma tends to diminish. The cosmetic treatment with Hyaluronic Acid solves aesthetic problems associated with ageing, thanks to its hydrating, emolliating, protective, regenerating and healing properties. Finally, Hyaluronic Acid combats free radicals. Our Masks with gold dust confer the skin an amazing glow. They have an anti-inflammatory action, stimulate the cellular activity, improve microcirculation and skin oxygenation, fight premature ageing process by preventing micro-wrinkles and smoothing already existing “grooves”.


Gatuline Expression (Acmella Oleracea) contained in formula is a molecul of vegetable origin with a botox similar effect. This molecule acts on the small superficial muscles of the skin, reducing its activity and consequently reducing superficial wrinkles.

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