Transdermic Action


Anatomical Transdermal Masks and Patches are the cosmetological counterparts to “medical patches”, used in dermatologic treatments, whose characteristics they draw inspiration from.

The transdermic action of the “Anatomical Transdermal Patches” takes place:

1. Through the occlusive action of the superior membrane: the moisture contained in the product, if hydrophilic based, or the physiological insensible perspiration of the skin can reinflate the stratum corneum of the epidermis, the keratinized cells lose cohesion and move away from each other, allowing the absorption of substance.

2. Through the penetration, diffusion and capillarity through pores and pilifer follicles; this is also largely facilitated by the occlusive action.

3. Thanks to the anatomical shape of the patches, which guarantees uniform and intimate contact with the area being treated.

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