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Cosmitaly Group, a cosmetics company located to the north of Rome, was founded in 1984 by the MD Romano Cali. His experience in plastic surgery and dermatology led to the creation of innovative Anatomical Transdermal Patches, the intensive treatment for dermic and hypodermic problems.

The idea for the patches came from the need to increase the transdermal distribution of medication. This was then applied to patches, resulting in the latest generation of cosmetics and cosmeceuticals – a term registered with WIPO by Dr. Calì himself in 1971 and which refers to the cosmetic science which strives for increased efficiency compared to any normal cream.

In 1985 this new system of beauty treatment was introduced and presented at the Cosmoprof Exhibition in Bologna.

Romano Calì MD

Plastic Surgeon and Dermatologist, Cosmitaly Group founder and original creator of Masks and Patches


Q. When did you create the anatomical cosmetic gauzes?

A. The Anatomical cosmetic gauzes are the result of years of study and their launch on the national and international market dates back to the early 1980s.

Q. Let’s deal with this. Kindly tell us what an anatomical cosmetic gauze is.

A. It’s a very simply principle. The idea comes from the operating room, where after the end of an operation the surgeon applies a gauze soaked with a medicated formulation on the injured, traumatized or burned skin. In this way a quicker regeneration and recovery of the epidermal tissue is obtained. The great innovation consists in bringing a purely medical system into cosmetics.

Since the surgeon does not spread a cream but apply a soaked gauze, why not carry out the same principle also in cosmetology? Hence the idea of soaking a particular tissue, lightweight, made of pure cotton, with substances similar to those used for medical gauzes and therefore, different from common cosmetic emulsions.

Q. How are these ointments formulated?

A. Definitely we do not use drugs, but cosmetic ingredients. My gauzes are soaked with cosmetologic substances, which we work out, on principles of medical derivation. All this falls within the legal terms of cosmetic use, even if my formation is that of a surgeon.

Q. Plastic surgeon?

A. Not only! My specializations are: plastic surgery, general anesthesia, maxillofacial surgery, cosmetic medicine, dermatology and cosmetology.

Q. Did you study in Italy?

A. I was raised in Germany, United States and Russia. Actually, I’m a Sicilian German mother tongue, although I publish in Italian language.

Q. Do you have a lot of publications to credit?

A. Twenty of scientific nature, regarding original surgical techniques. I worked for years as a plastic surgeon and I belong to the “Sanvenero Rosselli” school.

Q. In fact you told us that the idea of gauzes is born in the operating room after a lifting or a blepharoplasty…why are they defined anatomical?

A. Every part of the human body has different characteristics, both in terms of morphology, histology and anatomy. Therefore, not only the shape of gauzes changes, depending on the body part to treat, but also the composition of the product and the soaking active ingredients are different in relation to the anatomical part or blemish to treat.

Q. Which and how many blemishes may we treat with gauzes?

A. Wrinkles, Eye Bags, relaxation of the facial and neck skin, lip contour, acne, couperose, relaxation of breasts, abdomen, buttocks, inner thighs, cellulite and adiposity. Our gauzes are a cosmetic product, not a magic wand. Treatment cycles should be periodically repeated so that the obtained results last.

In 1985 this new system of beauty treatment was introduced and presented at the Cosmoprof Exhibition in Bologna thus starting a constant presence (until today) in national and international trade fairs.

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