Buttocks Firming Patches

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About This Project

These patches are soaked with a powerful penetrating formulation and supported by the occlusive action of the nonwoven patches once applied. They will then deliver the active ingredients into the skin through micro-cracks and pores and increase the cutaneous firmness. Each patch is soaked with 37 gr of net formulation that is five time stronger than any equivalent cream of the same percentage ingredients.

These 3 active ingredients have been specifically selected for their proven effectiveness in cosmetic treatments:

  • Caffeine for its stimulating activity of lipolytic enzymes
  • Escin for its draining properties
  • Dermotenseur2 (extract of Kigelia Africana and Quillaja Saponaria bark) for its moisturizing, firming action.



We recommend three application of 30 minutes per week for at least a month, and by alternating the formulations of Caffeine, Escin and Dermotenseur2, anticipated by an exfoliation of the area to be treated.

If you have ever dreamed of a firm and luscious bottom, experience the benefits this care can bring.

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