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Anatomical Transdermel Masks and Patches are the cosmetological counterparts to “medical patches”


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A new method of treatment, the ANATOMICAL TRANSDERMAL PATCHES have huge advantages compared to old, traditional beauty treatments.

They are made with a soaked “non-woven fabric”, and can be applied directly onto the skin (from 30 to 40 minutes).


The patches are available in specific shapes for different body parts and as masks, to hydrate and nourish (face), shape and firm up (body), as well as being an effective remedy against the ageing of the skin (anti-age and anti-wrinkle) and the treatment for acne.

Cosmitaly Group makes the most of its team of chemists and scientists to constantly evolve, satisfying the needs of all businesses who wish to add transdermic treatments for skin imperfections into their own cosmetic ranges.

Specializing in the manufacturing of private labels, the company works together with a highly qualified team of staff to guarantee the “quality” and “uniqueness” of its products.